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Press Release Concerning Resumption of Jury Trials in Crenshaw County

New procedures designed to keep jurors, other court participants and the public safe from COVID-19 have been put in place to allow jury trials to resume in Crenshaw County beginning the week of November 16, 2020.  Summons will be mailed October 7, 2020 and should arrive at the homes of potential jurors in a few days.  

A new juror summons process has recently been developed in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and will be the first occasion that an online jury qualification process has been used in Alabama state courts.  Those individuals receiving a summons for jury duty will be instructed to log onto a dedicated juror website to complete a short questionnaire, using a secure PIN assigned to each potential juror. The website may be accessed by computer or on a smart phone. By completing the form, potential jurors will now qualify for jury service or request to be excused from jury service for a recognized exception online rather than in person.  Jurors who are at a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 due to age or an underlying medical condition may use the online form to request their jury service be deferred until a later date.  All requests to be excused from jury service should be made no later than noon, October 30, 2020. 

The new juror summons also directs potential jurors to, the official court website for Crenshaw Circuit and District Courts, where additional information is provided regarding safety protocols that have been implemented to make jury service safer during the current pandemic.  Those new procedures include sanitizing surfaces, temperature checking for fever, social distancing measures, contactless sanitizing stations, one way travel staircases, limitations on the number of people permitted in an elevator, a newly configured jury box that will permit jurors to be seated at least six feet from other jurors, and a new jury room that permits jurors to maintain an appropriate social distance during deliberations and recesses.

Individuals who receive a juror summons and do not have internet or smart phone access that will enable them to complete online registration may contact the office of Crenshaw Circuit Court Clerk at 334-335-6575.

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